BGMI Release for iPhone Users Confirmed | BGMI for iPhone Releasing Soon for Free

bgmi for iphone

According to Krafton and some BGMI Video Content Creator, BGMI for iPhone releasing soon.

BGMI for iPhone Release Date

Latest Krafton BGMI for iPhone IOS Release: Android mobile gamers have been ecstatic to play Battle Grounds Mobile India since it was published on July 2nd, 2021. However, iOS users will not be able to play the game because the BGMI for iOS has not yet been released. Because the majority of PUBG competitive players and streamers utilise iOS devices to play the game, the iOS release of BGMI is more crucial. iOS mobile gamers are further disadvantaged because, unlike Android users, they are unable to pre-register for the game.

The most recent Krafton BGMI for iPhone IOS release is: Kronten, who is both an owner and a player for Team GodLike Esports, was a major figure in the BGMI rumours that circulated throughout the pre-release period. He recently revealed on his livestream that he only found out about the Android version’s official release a few hours before it went live today. β€œIt’ll take a bit before the game reaches to iOS devices,” the gaming influencer said in a community update on his own YouTube channel. We’ll have to wait a few days longer.”

The BGMI for iPhone iOS version for Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched shortly, according to Krafton, who announced it on the website’s support section. Because iOS users could not pre-register, all of the players looked to the content creators for assurance. Ghatak, a well-known Esports personality, has indicated that the game will be released on the same day as the official launch for Android users. While the game is now available for download for all Android users, iOS users are still waiting for a release date.

PUBG Collaboration with Tesla and New Update 1.5

Tesla has teamed up with PUBG Mobile and BGMI manufacturer Krafton to bring Tesla’s automobiles to these two games. Both PUBG Mobile and BGMI have a number of Tesla cars, including the Model Y, Roadster, and Cybertruck, available in the game.

These were included as part of the Tesla Drift event, which began with the C1S1 update and is now available in the game. Tesla CEO Elon Musk even promoted the Tesla Cybertruck in PUBG Mobile on Twitter.

In this mode, a self-driving Tesla Semi will spawn, which players can harm in order to cause its supply boxes to drop and obtain combat supplies. The Roadster and Cybertruck are available as skins for the Dacia and Rony, respectively.

These may be obtained by using UC to participate in the Tesla Drift event, which requires cards to unlock the various colour skins for the Roadster and Cybertruck. This is comparable to a lucky spin, and after using UC to ‘Safe Acceleration,’ players are given the choice to execute a ‘Normal Acceleration,’ which has the danger of restoring the acceleration to the lowest level.

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