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battlegrounds mobile india features
Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest Upcoming Features

The popularity of Battlegrounds Mobile India grew quickly. Battlegrounds Mobile India Features are getting Leaked day by day. Its official release date has yet to be set, but fans of PUBG Mobile are already anticipating it. That’s because PUBG Mobile has a new name, and it’s a battle royale game that requires no introduction. Krafton, the company behind PUBG, has made some solid plans to celebrate the game’s launch, whenever that may be. There are also teasers for the game and what to expect from it. Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature the renowned Erangel map, according to the latest teaser. To minimise confusion, it will be referred to as “Erangle” in the Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

When Krafton first revealed the new name for PUBG Mobile expressly for India, it was evident that it was trying to avoid direct similarities between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile. It even instructed certain game content creators not to refer to the new Indian version as PUBG Mobile. While the firm has not stated why, the best reason is that Krafton does not want the moniker PUBG Mobile to be associated with Battlegrounds Mobile India, especially in light of last year’s ban. And it is for this reason that Erangel is known as Erangle.

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The Erangle map has been confirmed by a fresh teaser image posted by Krafton on Facebook. Tea glasses are kept honestly next some polaroid images in the teaser — a scenario that most Instagrammers employ pretty frequently. One of the polaroid photos depicts a water tank, which PUBG Mobile fans would recognise right away. It is the PUBG Mobile map Erangel. If there are any remaining doubts, the polaroid has the word “Erangle” inscribed on it. That’s your confirmation that Krafton would be providing PUBG Mobile maps to Battlegrounds Mobile India, although with some tweaking.

Krafton has previously teased the Sanhok map with a teaser, but the details were not as clear and obvious as they were for Erangel. And, if we were to guess, the rest of the maps might be on their way as well. This implies that Miramar, Vikendi, and Karakin could all appear in the game. It’s only that they might have taken on a new persona. Krafton isn’t trying to trick anyone; instead, it’s attempting to make Battlegrounds Mobile India Features retain as much as possible from PUBG Mobile without actually doing so. Even though this approach is designed to keep Battlegrounds Mobile low-profile, it has already been discovered by government officials.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Features : Ban News

An MLA from Arunachal Pradesh has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting that the Battlegrounds Mobile India be banned. “Requested @PMOIndia @narendramodi ji not to allow Chinese deceit #BattlegroundsMobileIndia,” MLA Ninong Ering said on Twitter. It’s a major threat to India’s security and citizens’ privacy, as well as a way to get around and break our laws.” Ering, on the other hand, has argued why Battlegrounds Mobile India should not be allowed in his letter. According to him, Battlegrounds Mobile India “is a simple mirage and a scam to relaunch the same game with minimal adjustments and harvest user data from millions of our residents,” according to the letter.

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